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Al Habtoor City shifts to Bayan Human Resources Management

03 Jun

Bayan Human Resources Management System was recently selected by Al Habtoor City to be installed as cloud hosted in one cluster multi-property setup managing all HR and payroll related transactions for its more than 1,500 employee at eight prestigious properties, including Hilton Dubai, V Hotel Dubai, Habtoor Palace, Habtoor City Complex, Habtoor Atrium, Laperle, Tennis Academy and Level 44.

Bayan HRMS has successfully replaced the legacy system (Oasys) and provided advanced features, reports and interfaces to manage employee profiles, official documents and expiry dates, while automatically tracking employee attendance, leaves and vacations.

In addition, all payroll calculations can be now managed centrally and accurately through the system, including salaries, bank transfers, employee vacation, ticket and Indemnity balances and accruals saving a lot of time and efforts.

The advanced unified rules and setup in Bayan Workflow Management were also a distinctive addition, which have successfully provided an optimal tool to manage employee requests and approvals within the different properties in an online, efficient and accurate manner.

Finally, Microsoft Navision Back Office Interface was activated, enabling the automatic import of payroll, vacation accruals and statistics vouchers.

This project was entirely implemented during COVID-19 pandemic, hence, Sky Software is pleased to thank Al Habtoor City Management and staff for the great hospitality, caring and support they have shown to our project team during and after Bayan HRMS implementation. .

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