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H Hotel shifts to Bayan Human Resources Management System

05 May

Sky Software is pleased to share the successful implementation of Bayan Human Resources Management at the prestigious H Hotel Dubai, replacing its legacy system; Oasys and to be used as standard cluster HR system for Story Hospitality hotels in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Throughout this project, Bayan HRMS has provided the professional platform to manage all HR related transactions, including employee profiles, official documents, employee attendance and leaves as well as all payroll transactions.

In specific, the hotel has highly benefited from the advanced rules in Bayan Workflow to follow and handle all employee requests automatically.

Bayan Mobile Application was also activated, enabling both; managers and employees to interact with their HR departments with an array of capabilities such as submitting & following vacation requests, checking their attendance, viewing their pay slips from their mobile screen.

Activated interfaces included; Timekeeping interface to easily track employee attendance records, Bank interface to send payroll pay slips directly to the bank, and Bayan BO financial interface to automatically export accrual vacations, tickets and indemnity, and payroll vouchers.

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