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Hotel Voco Dubai shifts to Sky Bayan Human Resources Management System

18 Apr

Hotel Voco Dubai, formerly known as Nassima Royal Hotel, has recently selected Sky Bayan Human Resources Management system to replace its legacy one. Bayan has immediately provided a solid base for the HR department at the hotel to automatically manage employee profiles and official documents, while being able to track employee attendance, vacation and leaves through the advanced BIOSTAR Timekeeping interface.

The advanced notification system in Bayan was also a great add-on to the hotel, as it enabled the HR and HODs to be notified automatically via email for employees critical events such as probation period, documents expiry, payslip issuance and return from vacation dates.

In addition, the hotel has benefited from Bayan Accommodation module to trace occupied and vacant rooms, allocate employees for their rooms and calculate room expenses.

Employee payroll calculations on the other hand became much easier benefiting from the advanced and accurate features in Bayan Payroll System, which has also helped in calculating and preparing the final settlement.

Sun Back Office Interface was also activated to enable the automatic import of payroll, vacation accruals and statistical vouchers.

Finally, the advanced rules in Bayan Workflow Management system have played a vital role in facilitating the process of handling employee requests and approvals.

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