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The Living Adventure selects Bayan Human Resources Management System

16 Feb

Sky Bayan Human Resources Management system was recently selected by the Living Adventure; an accommodation and hosting services provider for FIFA world cup 2022 spectators and visitors.

Bayan HRMS was chosen to handle more than 11 thousand employees at more than 500 locations, with special and advanced complex requirements that will be provided by Bayan to facilitate the huge data entry and employees related transactions.

The project will make the most out of Bayan Mobile Attendance Check in/ out feature to record employees’ attendance from more than 500 geographical locations across Doha through the use of employees’ own smartphones.

Using this feature will ensure accurate data entry where employees can easily manage their time and attendance, allowing for the quick and neat entry of data, including many features that reduce the time needed to process employees’ time and attendance, and options that allow them to automatically calculate total working hours, including overtimes, leaves, vacations, and holidays to ensure data entry and calculation is accurate, uploaded on time, and processed automatically.

Bayan-Sun BO financial interface was activated to automatically export accrual vacations, tickets and indemnity, and payroll vouchers, and WPS (Wages Protection System) interface was activated to send payroll pay slips directly, over a secure and an encrypted connection, to the bank.

Bayan Workflow Management system was also installed providing a better control over all employee requests through its advanced rules and notifications.

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