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Marriott Hotel Al Jaddaf shifts to Bayan Human Resources Management System

18 Oct

The prestigious Marriott Hotel Al Jaddaf has chosen Sky Bayan Human Resources Management System to replace its legacy HR system. Bayan HRMS was successfully implemented in a cluster multi-property cloud deployment covering Marriott Hotel Al Jaddaf and Marriott Executive Apartments Al Jaddaf, providing an automatic workflow to cover and handle all HR functions and transactions, including employee profiles and official documents, attendance and vacations, and employee payroll calculations. The paper work process that was used in the old system was successfully eliminated.

Additionally, Bayan Workflow's advanced rules and notifications have provided a better control over employee vacations, pre-approval of overtime, requests for new hires, status changes, and much more.

The following interfaces were activated: Timekeeping interface with Nitgen devices, which made it easier to maintain employee attendance records, and PeopleSoft accounting system interface, which exported accrued vacation time and payroll vouchers automatically.

After the Bayan HRMS was successfully approved as a preferred system for Marriott Hotels, Sky Software was pleased to collaborate with the knowledgeable and accommodating team at Marriott Al Jaddaf on the company's second project with Marriot International.

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