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Nassima Royal Hotel shifts to Sky Jana Materials Management System

21 Feb

Nassima Royal Hotel – soon to be Voco Dubai by IHG- has recently selected Sky Jana Materials Management system to replace its legacy “FMC” (Fidelio Material Control). The new advanced web based system has immediately provided the prestigious hotel with an advanced workflow to manage all their operations aspects smoothly, automatically and accurately. This includes purchasing, internal movements, inventory control, and recipe management.

Nassima Royal Hotel has also benefited from the advanced Sun Back Office Interface, which enabled for expenses and consumption tracking through Jana various Journal Vouchers (purchasing, internal movement and inventory differences). Micros POS interface was also activated to track sales consumption through direct deductions from entities/ properties stock.

In addition, all the hotel needs in regard of data analysis was successfully covered by Jana advanced reporting system, such as cost control report , sales cost report, menu engineering report, deducted revenue report, periodic reconciliation reports and much more.

On the other hand, Jana email notification module was a great assist in helping the hotel manage their daily operations.

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