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Sky Horizon QMS highlights success projects at Millennium Hotels & Resorts

22 May

Sky Software is pleased to share the successful installation of the latest Horizon QMS guest services web-based platform at the prestigious multi-property five star Makkah Millennium Hotel & Towers as a migration from the desktop legacy edition and Millennium & Copethrone Makkah Al Naseem as a new installation. Both hotels have obviously benefited from all the rich features of the system and its dynamic structure of administrative units, centralized multi-property management, advanced user roles and escalation management and enhanced report writer capabilities with MySQL Database support (in addition to the current Microsoft SQL Server), which have successfully created a solid and efficient base to manage all guest related request efficiently, automatically and instantly; Making the most out of the activated interfaces, including; Mass web based SMS and notifications interface, which allows the management and agents to be instantly informed of the request status via live notifications and escalations. While Sky Horizon Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) was successfully implemented, enabling the users to assign, finish or cancel work requests by dialing the IVR number and follow its standard voice guided steps. Opera Interface was also activated allowing to import guest info and events such as check in/out.

This article is intended for informational purposes only. Sky Software makes no express or implied warranties in this context.