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FBM Materials Management

Sky Software has recently launched its new Sky Jana Materials Management as a cloud-based FBM successor, inheriting all previous FBM features plus new features such as multi-clustered properties, multi-currency, item expiry dates, average price or FIFO cost calculation methods, multiple order units per item, SMS messages and much more. Request a demo today or download the brochure.


FBM is a comprehensive and specialized system that controls all aspects of food items, beverage items, and rest of materials in the complex environment of hotels and restaurants.

FBM covers in great depth all areas concerning stock movement and control including purchasing & procurement, receiving of goods, full paperless purchase orders cycle, full inventory, complete spot checks on stores, full cost control, consumption analysis, recipe management, menu design, and buffet costing and back office financial interfacing.

The system is extremely opened to outside environments through multiple interfaces to Point of Sale and back office systems.

Operational Features

  • Full purchase order management and control
  • Full purchase order authorization control
  • Easy merging of order requests
  • Purchase order receiving and invoicing
  • Full supplier and quotation management
  • Scalable quotations based on volume
  • Most information on one screen
  • Seamless and paperless ordering
  • Hierarchical management controlled cycles for orders and requisitions
  • Easily viewed approval history
  • Fast return-on investment
  • Vendor performance monitor
  • Full Cost Control management
  • Inventory and Spot Check control
  • Effective logistics administration
  • Reduced inventories

Inventory Features

  • User defined inventory periods
  • Mapping with B/O fiscal periods
  • Ability to process transactions while inventory is in progress
  • Four modes of store inventory; Enter Counted Stock, Default Zero, Default System and Default Zero System
  • Stock item and recipe inventory
  • Selective printing of inventory sheets
  • Inventory count using mobile devices and barcodes: Palm Devices
  • Spot-check
  • System generated inventory difference voucher

Budgeting Features

  • Fiscal period budget on account and department levels
  • Track of on order amount and received amount against budget amount
  • Budget and forecast import from B/O system
  • User defined restrictions on orders above budget
  • Season based minimum and maximum stock
  • System generated orders and requisitions for items below minimum stock level

Revenue Features

  • Mapping sales locations to multiple stores based on item category
  • Sales items mapping against stock items and recipes
  • Manual Revenue input
  • Revenue import from POS system
  • Auto stock item and recipe deduction

Recipes Features

  • Detailed recipe description with pictures
  • Recipe preparation with auto deduction
  • Recipe inventory
  • Recipe within recipe: Three levels
  • Recipe cost calculation
  • Recipe spoilage calculation
  • Recipe suggested price and profit calculation
  • Menu Design

General Features

  • Multi-Language System
  • Item Movement Price: Average Price
  • Report Designer
  • Internal Messages
  • System Alerts

Purchasing Features

  • Order Approval: Special approval by other departments based on ordered item
  • Buyer Allocation: Assign the order to a certain buyer that can allocate vendors to the order
  • Vendor Allocation:
    • Manual Allocation
    • Allocation by quotation selection
    • Auto allocation from quotations based on price and vendor rank
  • Order Authorization:
    • System defined order authorization
    • Order Level and item level organization
    • Order flow based on order and item cost
    • Ability to change quantity and price upon authorization
    • Ability to send order back
  • Order Cancellation: Order Level and item level cancellation
  • Order Sending:
    • Send order to vendor by fax
    • Send order to vendor by email
    • User defined order format
  • Receiving:
    • Full or partial order receiving
    • Receiving without PO
    • Rules for changing price upon receiving
    • Rules for Changing Quantity upon receiving
    • Auto conversion between order unit and stock unit
    • Credit Notes


  • Back office System
  • POS
  • Web Purchasing System
  • SPA System
  • Engineering Management System

Standard Forms

  • Kitchen Market List
  • Standard Orders
  • Standard Requisitions

Internal Movements

  • Requisitions:
    • Item Requisitions
    • Recipe Requisitions
    • System defined Requisition Approval
    • System defined Requisition Authorization
    • Requisition Posting
    • Create Oder From Requisition
  • Transfers:
    • Item transfers
    • Recipe Transfers

Key Reports

Purchasing Reports

  • Total Purchases
  • Purchase Statistics
  • Pending Orders
  • Price Exceptions
  • Purchase Deviation
  • Buyer Efficiency

Movements Reports

  • Credit Note Journal
  • Internal Movements by Store
  • Internal Receiving by Store

Receiving Reports

  • Orders Receiving
  • Receiving W/O PO

Cost Reports

  • Stock Item Movements
  • Movement Documents
  • Current SOH
  • Market Survey by Item

Sales Reports

  • Total Sales Deduction
  • Sales Location Revenue
  • Cost by Sales Item

Periodic Reports

  • Inventory Difference
  • Period Reconciliation
  • Period Consumption
  • Actual Potential Report
  • End of Period SOH

Technical Specifications

  • Operating System (Client): Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise or later
  • Operating System (Server): Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 (64-bit)
  • CPU Architecture: 32-bit and 64-bit Platforms
  • Database Engine:Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (64-bit) Standard or Enterprise Edition with Service Pack 2 installed
  • Maintenance: Automatic Backups to either Local Storage or to External Media
  • Integrity: On-demand Database Optimizer and Integrity Check Ups
  • Administration: User-friendly Administrative and Setup Tools
  • Reporting Engine: Exportable Reports to DOC and XLS file formats