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Jana Materials Management


Sky Jana Materials Management system is a comprehensive specialized web-based cloud-ready system that is designed to operate on property, cluster and corporate levels. Jana controls all aspects of food items, beverage items, and rest of materials in the complex environment of hotels and restaurants.

Jana covers in great depth and details all areas related to material movements and control including paperless purchase order cycle, receiving of goods, requisitions, transfers, property-to-property relocation of goods, perpetual inventory and spot checks, cost control, cost of sales and consumption analysis, recipe management, menu design and back office financial interface.

Jana is fully open to the outside environment through multiple interfaces to Point of Sale and back office systems.

General Features

  • Multi-property and cluster
  • System lexicon
  • Multi-currency purchasing
  • Bilingual interface and data
  • Item expiry dates
  • Cost valuation methods: Average price or FIFO
  • Multiple order units per item
  • Purchase request and requisition approval and inventory via smartphone application
  • Report designer
  • Comprehensive user roles and permissions
  • System notifications via SMS and emails
  • System alerts


  • User defined BO account mapping rules
  • Inventory sheets preparation, count and signing
  • Ability to process transactions while inventory is in progress
  • Four store inventory modes; Consumption Stores, Forward Stores, Forward with Zero Value Stores and Spoilage Stores
  • Inventory count using smart phones with bar-code reading
  • Spot checks
  • Inventory difference voucher and report


  • Fiscal period budget on stock category and store levels
  • Tracking of on order amount and received amount against budget amount
  • Budget import from back office system
  • User-defined restrictions on purchases above budget
  • Season based minimum, maximum and re-order stock levels
  • System-generated purchase orders and requisitions for items below minimum stock level


  • Mapping outlets to multiple stores based on stock item category
  • Sales items link with stock items or recipes
  • Support of multiple Point of Sale systems per property
  • Sales import from Point of Sale system
  • User-defined rules of item deduction and recipe consumptions


  • Kitchen market lists
  • Purchase order templates
  • Requisition templates


  • Back office System
  • Point of Sale System
  • Central Purchasing System
  • Health club and spa system
  • Engineering management system


  • Purchase Request Approval:
    • User defined approval rules with unlimited number of signatures.
    • Multiple candidates for the same signature.
  • Buyer Allocation: Purchase request split between multiple buyers.
  • Vendor Allocation:
    • Auto allocation and manual allocation.
    • Mandatory quotations like corporate contracts.
    • Purchase request merge for best quotation.
  • Purchase Request Authorization:
    • User defined authorization rules with unlimited number of signatures.
    • Multiple candidates for the same signature.
    • Send back to any of the preceding signees.
  • Purchase Order Placement:
    • Send order to vendor by fax or email.
    • User defined purchase order format
  • Receiving:
    • Full or partial order receiving
    • Receiving without purchase order
    • Rules for changing price or quantity upon receiving
    • Credit Notes
    • Purchase order closing


  • Generic recipe items with link to multiple stock items
  • Recipe Transfers with auto item consumption
  • User-defined recipe consumption rules
  • Unlimited levels of recipe within recipe
  • Recipe cost and spoilage calculation
  • Recipe suggested price and profit calculation
  • Menu design

Internal Movements

  • Requisitions:
    • User-defined approval rules with unlimited number of signatures
    • Requisition allocation
    • Create purchase request from requisition
    • Requisitions between properties in the same cluster through relocation requests
  • Transfers:
    • Stock Item transfers
    • Recipe Transfers

Reports and charts


  • Total purchases summary
  • Purchasing Statistics
  • Pending Orders
  • Price Exceptions
  • Purchase order deviation
  • Buyer efficiency
  • Newly added vendors
  • Deactivated vendors


  • Order receiving
  • Receiving without purchase order


  • Inventory differences
  • Period reconciliation
  • Period consumption
  • Actual potential report
  • End of Period S.O.H
  • Audit logs


  • Credit note journal
  • Internal movements by store
  • Internal receiving by store


  • Stock item movements
  • Slow-moving items
  • Movement documents
  • Current S.O.H
  • Market survey by item
  • Min/max stock item levels
  • Newly added items


  • Total sales deduction
  • Outlet Sales
  • Cost by Sales Item