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Sky Osoul Fixed Assets Management


Sky Osoul fixed Assets Management system is an advanced specialized web-based cloud-ready system that is designed to operate on property, cluster and corporate levels, with the objective of tracking in great depth of analysis all corporate assets including their serial ID numbers, categories, cost centers, departmental financial allocation, types, movements, transfers, disposals, physical locations, and value depreciation according to modern accounting standards.

Through the advanced dashboard in Osoul, user can review recent received assets, assets statistical information and notifications based on the user access scope.

The system provides a great number of reports covering all those areas. Detailed profile for each item is saved including the possibility of tagging the assets via barcode and RFID labels and reading the asset data through portable data collectors.

Osoul Mobile Application was also designed to run online/ offline allowing for assets collection and counting (inventory), reset inventory sheets, upload and sign inventory sheets, while providing the ability to capture assets images during the inventory.

General Features

  • Web-based, cloud-ready
  • Multi-property
  • Multi-lingual
  • Depreciation percentages on item category or subcategory level
  • Multiple assets depreciation methods: straight-line daily and periodic percentage
  • Return to vendor Process
  • Inventory stages pipeline
  • Support tagging utility
  • Assets tracking
  • Tag printing
  • Selling transactions
  • Advanced assets inventory using Osoul Mobile Application
  • Advanced dashboard
  • Advanced notifications rules
  • Opening balance sheets
  • Annual and monthly fixed assets balance reports
  • Back office JV and Jana purchasing/ receiving interfaces

Assets Management

  • Transfers
  • Disposals
  • Return to Vendor (RTV)
  • Value Changes
  • Sales


  • Inventory sheets
  • Inventory sheets pipeline
  • Osoul inventory mobile application:
    • Run online/ offline
    • Assets collection and counting (inventory)
    • Reset inventory sheets
    • Upload and sign inventory sheets
    • Capture assets images during the inventory

Osoul Dashboard

  • Advanced well designed dashboard
  • Recent transactions on the assets
  • on-progress Inventory sheets based on sheet ownership


  • Depreciation periods: Basis & Fiscals
  • Opening balance sheet


  • Assets Reports
  • Inventory Reports
  • Depreciation Reports