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About Us

Sky Software provides the hospitality industry world-wide with the most advanced and innovative high-quality software solutions and IT services.

Sky Software was founded in 1997. It was built on the well-established knowledge and experience of top software engineers, with a mission to deliver specialized high quality business solutions for the hospitality sector in the Middle East. Since that time, Sky Software has been able to provide the local and international hospitality market with innovative total software solutions covering all areas of the modern hotel and restaurant.

Sky Software is now known as a major provider of advanced solutions and associated professional services covering development and customization, project management and implementation, interfacing with major international systems, as well as customer care and technical support.

As a result of its fast-growing reputation, Sky Software succeeded in capturing the attention of a number of international hotel corporations, who have consistently listed Sky Software products and services as their preferred solution throughout their hotel groups both locally and internationally. Some examples are IHG group (Intercontinental Hotels, Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inns) , Rotana, Four Seasons MEA Hotels and Moevenpick hotels MEA. Those hotels selected Sky Software's many products to handle their operations in the areas of Telephone Management, FBM (Food, Beverage and Materials Management), Quality Management, Engineering and Maintenance, and Human Resources Management Systems with Sky Software's innovative Bayan HR system.

Sky Software solutions have been implemented in many countries in the Middle East and North Africa in addition to the Far East.

In response to this success, Sky Software has allocated business partners and dealers in vital countries in Middle East and South Africa such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Egypt in addition to the Far East. Sky Software remains committed to building on these successes, and to continue solidifying its premier position and outstanding performance in both local and international hospitality markets.

In the end, Sky Software aims to produce innovative and robust high-quality solutions that meet the highest expectations of the customer.

Our History

From the start, our promise was to provide the local and international hospitality markets with the best quality and innovative software solutions and services. We are happy to see that through our dedicated and creative teams, Sky Software was able to come out with a full suite of products and services that comprise the total integrated software solution for hotels, restaurants, health clubs and other industries.

As a result, the number of local and international properties and customers who employed our products and services is ever increasing.

Sky Software is selected as a preferred vendor for many international hotel chains worldwide. In many cases, our products were selected as a replacement for well-known international systems.
As for the local market, Sky Software wins most of the business of local non-chain hotels.

Sky Software continues to invest more in Research & Development, Web applications, and mobile development using latest technologies.