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Building on 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry dedicated to system analysis and design, implementation and training, support, and innovation, Sky Software provides its clients with professional services related to its products including custom development, staff training, technical support, and system integration.

Sky Software aims to produce innovative and robust high-quality solutions that meet the highest expectations of the customer. We allow for responding to the localized and personalized customer needs, while keeping the more global international hospitality business standards.

Sky Software is the sole owner of its products, thus we are able to incorporate any customer request to our programs at a record time.


Sky Software is committed to the development of its products. Each product is supported by a team of software specialists who carry continuous development on the product. This incorporates new features to the software, fulfills the emerging needs of our customers and complies to any new standards and requirements that may appear.

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Sky Software provides its clients with professional training programs and educational materials designed to advance and improve the staff knowledge and skills as an added-value service to its products to make sure that the highest ROI is continuously provided.

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Our commitment to serve our clients whenever they need technical support drives us to ensure that they get the best quality service they need. Our well-trained technical support professionals are ready to assist you wherever you are.

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Sky Software has developed interfaces to the most popular PMS and other systems in the industry.

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